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Pro 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis – Chrome


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The Pelican Pro 6-Stage reverse osmosis system produces high quality drinking water quickly and easily. The system features hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service.

Compared to a traditional RO system, the unique Pelican 6-Stage RO delivers 30% more flow from the faucet and the 50 gpd membrane quickly refills the storage tank.

6 Stages for Better Tasting Water

Compact Reverse Osmosis System
The Pelican Pro RO features a four-stage prefilter, membrane and postfilter housed in a single cartridge. The fifth and sixth stage, an in-line carbon filter and calcite cartridge, is placed between tank and faucet.

Green By Design®

The Pelican Pro RO uses the latest in system design and membrane technology to reduce the amount of water down the drain by 50%. The Pelican Pro RO is smaller and uses significantly fewer resources in the manufacturing process than the typical 5-stage RO systems and offers a 6th stage most don’t offer. Smaller packaging and a lighter shipping weight further reduce impact on the environment.

Easy to Maintain

Yearly maintenance is quick and easy. Simply remove the cover and replace one cartridge – no complicated plumbing connections, no tools required.

Small and Lightweight

The Pelican Pro RO is much smaller and lighter than the typical reverse osmosis system. The complete system, including tank, is approximately the same height and width as a standard 2-gallon tank and is less than 14 inches in depth. This smaller footprint makes it easier to install in cramped kitchen cabinet.

Beneficial Minerals Added Back

The Pelican Pro RO 2-stage post filter offers a carbon/mineral filter inside that adds back in the essential minerals (calcium & magnesium) to your drinking and cooking water which are removed from RO systems and Ultra filtration systems.

NSF Certified

  • Arsenic V (pentavalent) 97.8%
  • Cysts >99.99%
  • Fluoride 96.30%
  • Lead 98.0%
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 96.50%

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance for the Pelican Pro RO is quick and easy. Change your 2-Stage post filter every 6 months and your 4-Stage membrane every 18 months. All cartridges are designed to be changed without tools. When properly maintained, the Pelican Pro RO system will provide you with years of trouble-free service. The cartridges in this system must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency and to ensure high water quality.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Easy to maintain
  • Replace filter cartridges without tools
  • Top quality coconut carbon
  • Compact design saves precious under the counter space

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