Q: Will Pelican products work in my home?

A: Kent’s Plumbing obtains water quality reports from the government website for the city of the residence to assess critical levels of chemicals and pH. If the levels are compatible, and in most cases they are, Kent’s Plumbing must determine where the water main is on the property, and then proceed with installation.


Q: Where will the system be installed

A: The majority of installations are in or near the garage area. Some instances have called for installation on the exterior side of the house or property due to the location of the water main, but the garage is preferred in order to protect the quality of the materials.


Q: Why Pelican instead of competitor products?

A: By KentPlavala Comments Off on Why Pelican instead of competitor products?
Aside from the physiological benefits of clean water without harmful chemicals, Pelican provides a lifetime warranty on tanks and is the only Green water system in America with no water waste or electricity usage.


Q: Why should I purchase my Pelican Water System through Kent’s Plumbing?

A: Kent’s Plumbing guarantees matching every deal Pelican promotes on their website. If installation is requested along with purchase through Kent’s Plumbing , he will provide optimal discount on labor for installation. Kent’s Plumbing will also personally change the pre-filter that comes with the system nine months after install,and perform a follow-up inspection. Kent’s Plumbing is your prime source for any issues or trouble-shooting with Pelican products.