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Kent Plavala


Kent Plavala is a certified union plumber serving LA since 1999. He is a California contractor, mechanical plumber, pipe-fitter,  journeyman, and foreman with the knowledge and readiness to exceed plumbing code and regulations fit for the safety and design of the home/property. Using the highest quality copper piping and fittings, Concept Water will install Pelican Water Systems with precision and thorough inspection of the product, while also providing the best possible deal to enhance your water experience.

Kent was first introduced to Pelican Water Systems in 2008 when his father purchased their product online after learning, through family reference, of their positive reputation. Kent was at first skeptical, and quickly became involved in the installation process in his father's home to ensure it worked properly. Following the installation, Kent was highly impressed with the quality and superior materials of Pelican's products in comparison to other systems he had seen or installed previously. After investigating alternative competition, Kent concluded that he wanted one in his home too, and so began Kent's relationship with Pelican. After first-hand experience of seeing the benefits of Pelican's holistic approach to water, he made the decision to establish Concept Water to serving the community with a water division dedication to Pelican Water Systems.