Bring home the latest whole house water filter technology!Whole house filters cleans your home's entire water supply.

Concept Water brings cleanfilteredhealthysafe water to every home.

Home Filter Installed

Benefits of having a whole house water filter.

Remove Unwanted Chemicals

Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, you name it! Our Filters removes 99.99% of the bad elements in our water.

Inhibits bacterial growth.

The filter contains the latest bacterial static media to prevent them from growing in your water supply.

Does Not Waste Water

Our solutions do not create waste water like many other filters in the market. Saves more money than other solutions.

Cleaner than bottled water

Whole house water filters cleans your home's entire tap water. That includes the water that goes into showering.

Better tasting coffee and tea

No more adding unwanted flavors and smells from the tap water. The filter removes and purifies the taste.

Softer skin and hair

No more bathing in hard water. Showering becomes gentle on the skin and hair.

Girl with clean water

We proudly sell Pelican water filter products.

We deliver the finest water filters for our customers for over 6 years and picked Pelican to be the best in the industry.


Dillip M.

Homeowner – Eastvale, CA

My large family is healthier and happier with Pelican as a green alternative in our home.

Kam T.

Home Owner – Santa Monica, CA

Pelican headquarters directly referred me to Kent, and his services exceeded my expectations!

Kim C.

Home Owner – Anaheim, CA

My skin is soft and my hair is so smooth thanks to Pelican Combo Series!

John D.

Home Owner – Yorba Linda, CA

I love that I don’t have to waste water and haul 50 lbs. bags of salt home anymore!